MCC Class of 1964

Class of 1964

Our Birthday Party was held on the 27th of August at Hager's Hide-A-Way and from what I've heard, everyone who attended had a great time!
Special thank you to Cassy and her helpers on putting on a great time for all of us. Also a BIG thank you for all of the local classmates who
brought the appetizers, there was MORE than enough food for all of us!!

Some of us went to Catholic for a tour of our Alma Mater and the day of our tour was Ron Kolenic's
birthday so we wished him a Happy Birthday (click on the picture)

Outside it was a cloudy muggy day

51 of our classmates showed up (along with about 20 guests) and we were able to get
all of the class together for a group photo - how about that!!

The cake was delicious! I had one piece ... the right half!!

Getting the appetizers ready and the finished product

And the food line begins, MORE than enough food!

And now just some random photos - add two hours to the time stamp on the photos